Extract from the State Register of Real Estate of Spain (Nota Simple)

Extract from the State Register of Real Estate of Spain or (Nota Simple), is an analogue of the Extract from the Unified State Register of Rights to Real Estate and transactions with it.

The certificate fully describes the real estate object, its owners, property rights and restrictions on property rights, ownership interests of owners, as well as debts under a mortgage or taxes.

The information contained in Nota Simple:

It is necessary for the future owner of the property in case of the purchase of the object, as well as to the consulate of Spain to make a decision on issuing the multivisa.

In accordance with Spanish law, this document has only information value, it is not a weighty document, because Does not contain signs of authenticity, can not serve as evidence in court.

What is Nota Simple for?

To receive a multi-visa to Spain, as a homeowner or by invitation. This multivisa provides an opportunity to stay on the territory of the country for not more than 90 days at a time.

To obtain a temporary residence permit (residence) in Spain, the basis for which is the availability of real estate in this country.

For information on a specific property when buying it.

What information is contained in the document?

1. Registration number of the property. This number should not be confused with the cadastral number for real estate in Spain, which is indicated in the receipts of the municipal tax IBI (Impuesto de Bienes Inmuebles – real estate tax).

2. IDUFIR (Identificador único de Finca Registral) – Unique identifier of registered real estate – this number unerringly identifies real estate in the Property Register of Spain.

3. Short description of the property:

  • Location of real estate.
  • Type of property.
  • The plot area / share in the ownership of the plot.
  • Borders of the land.
  • Total area of immovable property.
  • Useful area of real estate.
  • Classification of the land: rural, urban or to be built.
  • Rights to property that do not belong to the owner.

4. Data about the owners: identification data on the owners of real estate. In addition, it indicates the type of ownership, the share of ownership, and by virtue of what legal effect the owner has entered into the ownership right.

5. A notary must be indicated, who assured the purchase and sale agreement, according to which the owner took possession, the date of taking possession and the registration record about it.

6. Charges: Nota Simple indicates the amount and scheme of the mortgage, the date of the loan, as well as the notary’s data and the registration record. In addition, it is indicated whether there is a tax arrear.

7. Date of issue of Nota Simple.

What data is needed to make a request for Nota Simple?

You can provide one of the following items:

name, passport or DNI of the owner of the property;

Address of the real estate;

cadastral number (Referencia Catastral).

Nota Simple can be obtained through the Internet knowing that you will need a credit or bank card for processing the payment.