Registration analogue “Empadronamiento”


Is a distant analogue the registration. But unlike registration, it does not bear any financial expenses for the owner of the real estate and does not give the registered person the right to claim this housing.

  1. Empadronamiento Municipal- Administrative register with all
    Residents who live or normally reside in this municipality. Your data entered in the accounting system is proof of residence in the given locality. By law, every person living in Spain is required to register in the municipality where he lives.
  2. Empadronamiento- is a document confirming the residence time in Spain, regardless of the nationality and legal status of the foreigner (whether he has a residence or not). This is registration in the census register, which accredits the foreigner as a resident of the municipality.

If you are in an illegal situation, you should not be afraid to register in the city of your residence. The City Council does not monitor the legality or illegality of the whereabouts of people residing in Spain. The city maintains a statistical record of people living in their jurisdiction.

In order to obtain registration you need to have a specific housing, which should not necessarily be your property, it can be a rented house of a relative or acquaintance.

To register you need a personal presence including the following documents:

  • Your foreign passport.
  • If you are a homeowner, an escort for real estate.
  • If you rent a house, a lease.
  • If you are registering with friends, the owner of the house with his documents.
  • If you are registering a child, you must have both parents and a passport or a translated birth certificate.

For a foreigner, “Empadronamiento” is a very important document, it is necessary in almost all cases when it comes to dealing with public services in such cases as:

  • Submission of documents for legalization.
  • Register a child to school.
  • Obtaining a driver’s license.
  • Getting a medical insurance policy.

This document is the only confirmation of your residence in Spain. According to the law, foreigners without a permanent residence permit are required to re-register every 2 years. Sometimes the census service invites you to write in an unscheduled census. In this case, you must appear on the day indicated in the letter and present your letter and your passport to the employee of the service.

If you moved to another city, you must report to the local municipality and register there.

What is the “Volante de empadronamiento”?

This is a document that you need as a certificate of your time of residence in Spain as a whole, it will indicate all your registers in other cities, if there is any. It is done on a special request-application and is issued only 10-14 days after the request.