Rent in Torrevieja

Renting an apartment in coastal areas is a common occurrence.

The advantages of rent are numerous, which we like most is that this allows us to change the following year, both location and type of housing. Here we provide a series of guidelines and recommendations so that you have a happy stay and avoid problems during your vacation.

Good information.

As the lack of correspondence between reality and expected is the source of many problems, the key is to find out first of all that the house is as promised. The ideal is to visit the house you want to rent before. If it is not possible to visit the apartment, ask the landlord or the agency for a photographic dossier showing the main rooms, accesses and views, as well as the complementary services available to them. Know your location: check the actual distance of the apartment with the points of interest.

Always negotiate the conditions.

Once you have decided the apartment that interests you, you can negotiate with the owner or the real estate the price and conditions. When you come to an agreement, remember that you must always sign a contract.

Main aspects of the contract.

  • The signal.

It is normal for the owner or real estate agency to request a signal to guarantee the reservation of the apartment on the agreed dates: that sum will be deducted from the total to be paid for the stay.

  • Cancellation.

It negotiates the possibility of canceling the reservation without expenses in a determined term in the case that makes the reservation with much time in advance. In case of cancellation at the last minute it is usual for the landlord to keep the amount of the signal as compensation.

  • Proof of payment.

Ask for a proof of payment, and always keep it.

  • Check the landlord’s data.

It verifies that the person who signs on the receipt or is beneficiary of the transfer by which he pays the signal, is included in the contract as lessor as owner or mediator in case of being a real estate.

  • Bail.

If you are asked for a bond to deal with possible damage that could cause the tenants in the house, ask that the concept and conditions of its application be clearly detailed, also expected to be returned.

The time to rent is approaching, do not miss your chance since Easter and summer are the two periods of time with the best offers.