In 2007, after some deliberation, full of optimism, we decided to move from Germany to live in sunny Spain. Why Torrevieja you would ask? Like many, first we came here on a vacation. We can now confidently say that we were immediately fascinated and fell in love with this little town. After all, its coast is being washed by the Mediterranean Sea with impressive salt lakes Salinas just around the corner and well, not to mention the bright blue sky with more than 300 sunny days a year! Without forgetting the quality of the food & wine, we found here everything what we were looking for. So, it didn’t takes us long to make a decision to leave the substantial car sale business and a peaceful life in Germany to permanently move to Torrevieja, Costa Blanca.

With poor knowledge of Spanish language, two small children and big suspense… we began our struggle for existence!
We’ve always worked for ourselves and having the experience in the beauty industry, we decided to open our first beauty salon “La Perla” . Even though it became very popular by many, the journey wasn’t easy! From bureaucratic institutions to finding the suppliers, from ordering furniture and equipment to recruiting people to work for us… and all of this without a word in Spanish. Thanks to the wonderful people we’ve met, we succeeded! Since Torrevieja is a very cosmopolitan city, and we speak 5 languages ourselves, it doesn’t come as a surprise that our clients are from all over the world. In this business we met many interesting people from all over Europe and to us it’s an invaluable asset! We didn’t take root without a struggle so we can appreciate the difficulties and raised questions people face when newly arrived here, such as: where to shop best, leisure and entertainment, how to get access to the medical care, insurance and also how to buy or rent a property here? As we have encountered all of this ourselves we will be more that happy to share the knowledge & help you with your first time property buying experience in Spain. All of the gained people’s confidence, willingness to help and the available knowledge about the real estate, lease, sale & purchase, all led to the establishment of the Amber International Agency!

We will help you to make your dream into reallity!