Price of registration

The initial costs for real estate registration.

In addition to the cost of the real estate there are a number of additional costs that you make before the real estate is owned.

Such costs are always paid by the buyer and are organized as follows:

Tax to the ownership transfer:

  • Value-added tax of 10% will be charged when buying new construction.
  • Tax on transfer of ownership in size of 10% is charged for the purchase of housing on the secondary market.
  • Taxes levied when buying a Real Estate in the amount of 21% of the commercial value.

The summ of the taxes paid by the buyer is calculated in base of the value of the Real Estate purchase and sale specified in the contract. It is almost impossible to calculate in advance the exact amount of taxes and fees, as much of it depends on local factors and they may be different even for the buildings located on two adjacent streets. But the correctness of the payment of these taxes is strictly controlled, so no cases of fraud can not be.

Registration of a contract of sale:

  • Notary fees, notary fees for certification of the deed, the main official document of sale. Tariffs of the notary fees are the same for all notaries. Typically, from 0.5% to 1% of the transaction amount.
  • Registration fee, registration fees are charged for making the contract of sale to the Companies House. The rate of the registration fee depends on the value pf the Real Estate.Typically 1% of property value.
  • Legal fee, fee for the preparation of legal acts and the provision of documentary of them to the Companies House.
  • Tax on documented legal acts – tax, which is charged with drawing any notary acts needed to registration. The tax rate is 1.5% of the cost of housing, specified in the sales contract.

The costs of mortgage loan:

  • Independent evaluation of the purchased property, to establish the real value of the property to ensure banks on to lend. The cost of assessment services for the real estate average price category will be about 250-500 euros.
  • Bank fee for opening a loan, 1- 2% of the amount of loans to be granted. Sum of commission depends on the conditions of the particular bank.
  • Insurance of property, depending on the category of insurance coverage and the company with which the bank operates, about € 200-500 per year. Many banks in addition to the insurance of the property require the buyer to insure life. The amount of insurance depends on the age and gender of customers and can range from 150 to 350 euros in annual terms.
  • Notary fees, notary fees for certification of mortgage lending agreement. Bet Notary fees calculated on a scale, progressive, depending on the responsibility for the mortgage. 600-800 euros more or less.
  • Registration fee, registration fees charged for entering the mortgage loan agreement to the Companies House. Approximately 300-500 euros.

Exemplary Pricelist for the issue of the ownership of the new residential property without a mortgage of around 13% of its value, with a mortgage – about 16% of its value. Depending on the bank, and the Real Estate.